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Bandals Footwear | Changeable by Design

You're constantly changing to handle whatever comes your way in life: mom, wife, boss, co-worker, friend, sister, daughter, taxi-driver, grocery shopper, athlete, reader, get the point! Wear something that changes as easily as you do -- we've got the soles to match your soul and a stunning selection of styles that make your Bandals... yours! Using our patented slide-through technology, Bandals allows you to personalize your look to suit any mood or wardrobe change by simply sliding the band through the sole of your shoe. Perfect for women who are on the go, like to travel light, and keep their options open!

Bandals footwear is designed to deliver a soft, comfortable fit that is as easy to wear as it is to change. With generous arch support, fully molded foot beds, and sponge EVA construction, Bandals gives you shoes that look great AND feel great!

Change, comfortably with Bandals.

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